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Who owns copyright to the design?

If the design is exclusive then as per standard procedure all the copyright are transferred to the purchaser of artwork.


What is Exclusive Design?

Most of our designs are exclusive which means once they are sold they are immediately removed from our website and can no longer be sold to anyone else or any other company.


Whats is "Make an Offer" feature?

If you feel that you like to make an offer on a design for a lower price than what is advertised then you can make an offer to the designer who has made it, if he/she accepts your offer then you can get the artwork for your offered price.


What is one round of free revision?

You can request changes in the logo to customize the name and colors. We provide 1 round of alteration free of charge. However, you can add another round of revision for $25 only.


Which file formats are included?

Package includes vector file formats like AI and EPS along with high resolution JPEG. You can request one more additional file format free of charge (if required).


How long will the logo design process take? What's your turnaround time?

If you don't want any alteration, we can provide your files in 1 business day. Otherwise it depends on number of alteration and time you take to reply.


Can I modify my logo myself?

Yes, you can. The final package contains Vector file (AI) which is editable in Adobe Illustrator.


How much to change the name and color in my logo?

1st round of alteration is for free in which you can request name, color and other changes. After 1st free round each next round will cost you $25.


I lost my logo files! Help!

You can always download your logo package by logging on to your dashboard


Too expensive!! Can I get a discount?

Yes you can, there is an option to "Make an Offer" below Buy Now button (Exclusive Designs only). You can send an offer to designer, if he/she agrees, you just have to pay the offered amount.


I want a pre-designed logo, but I want to see what it looks like with my name and in my colors before I place my order. Can that be done?

Sorry, we can't help you with that.


In what color space will the logo be created?

We create logos in either the Pantone or CMYK color spaces. We prefer using Pantone, but can switch to CMYK if requested and we switch to CMYK whenever there are more than four colors in the logo.


Will I need special software to open my logo?

Not really. We send the logo files in various different formats including JPG and GIF formats which you will be able to open in your Internet browser and in just about any image editing software you have installed - or in your word processing program (like MS Word).

We'll also send you the vector images which you will not be able to open unless you have software like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator installed. Don't worry about that though. Those vector images are for professional printing, so simply save them on your computer so you have them handy when your printers ask for them.

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